Ulysses “Buck” Grant Jr.


    Born July 22, 1852 at Bethel, Ohio.

    Graduated from Harvard University in 1874, and from the Law School of Columbia University in 1876.

    Served as personal secretary to his father while he was president and as assistant U.S. district attorney in New York.

    Married Fannie Josephine Chaffee on November 1, 1880. Five children: Miriam Macy Rice, Chaffee, Julia King, Fannie Purdy and Ulysses IV.

    Moved to California in 1893 and worked in the field of law and finance.

    Opened the U.S. Grant Hotel in 1910, which is still in operation in San Diego, California

    After the death of his wife, Fannie, in 1909 he married Mrs. America Workman Will on July 12, 1913

    Died September 26, 1929 and is buried in San Diego, California.


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